A little tiring

These past few days were a little tiring at work, especially since I reached my 19th week of pregnancy and I’m starting getting those nasty leg cramps that make me jump off my seat and cry all around the room as the cramps makes me sweat out of pain. I find myself asking my husband more and more to give me back rubs too… I fee like a spoiled baby at times. Ugh. Is this how pregnancy gets women to turn into? … Say goodbye to your independent, feminist side, Camille… T_T

Now, as I was asked this for a favour:

one of my friends contacted a car accident attorney Austin just upon getting involved in a frontal crash, and she was dutifully helped through the whole process, especially since she was on the right side of the case. She asked to share this address in case you are in need of a similar legal consultation too:

O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath
Personal Injury Lawyers
808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701

I hope you could help spread the word too. They seem like trustworthy guys there.

Easter holidays

I hope you enjoyed your Easter holidays, folks. Personally, I think it would have been a greater time of the year if only my husband hadn’t caught a flu, but you know how life is… unpredictable.

This time I had no work to catch up with during my vacation. I could focus more on my pregnancy, on noting down my childbirth checklist and setting an appointment with my OB. I have neglected my status for too many weeks, and it’s time I take care of my baby-to-be for good.

Regarding my site, I’m engaging in more link exchange activities. I’m not good at getting extremely social as of yet, but I’m doing my best. Next step is getting a Twitter account, I guess. I’m such a newbie! XD

Also, I’m once again back to the W3 Schools. As a programmer, I need to keep up with the updates, and there is plenty of good stuff to learn since HTML 5 came up. Too bad not too many clients are aware of it yet… I should write an article about it sometime.

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